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Hi, I have been painting and selling SprayCan and Oil Paintings since 12 January 1980. I first tried my hand at SprayCan Art in early 1979. When I was walking home one Sunday afternoon and saw a man spray painting a fence with spray cans. Wow I had not seen this before. He first sprayed the pickets white and then the uprights and cross beams brown. Some of the brown dripped onto the white paint so he used his finger to wiped it off and it left a beautiful patern of white and brown. At that time I was into the Star Wars thing and thought I could paint moons and all sorts of things with this. I now have been doing this ever since and still get a lot of pleasure from it. I have traveled the world demonstrating and selling my paintings. I'm not sure what I get the most pleasure from the painting or all the wonderful people I have meet along the way. www.spraycanart.us or www.spraycanartaust.com Hi, All I just wanted to say hi to every one and let you all know we have finaly uploaded our new web site at: www.spraycanart.us and also our New Info line at www.infoat.us

Monday, June 22, 2009

This Month at SprayCan Art

Hi Every one,
This month has been a bit of a no go for us with all the news papers telling every one not to spend our money. The Government is telling every one to spend spend and spend. The thing is they forgot to tell every one to stop using there credit cards and spend there own money and not some one else's.

I know this has nothing to do directly with SprayCan Art. How ever Indirectly it has a lot to do with it and for all those out there that do this for a full time job it has a lot to do with it. We will just have to weather the storm. I was talking to one artist from the USA. last week and he was telling me his income was down by 73% so far this year. I sure do hope thing get better for him. I must admit my income has dropped by almost 20%. All we have to do is learn to live within our means.

I have just added to this blog our new 3D photo Gallery have a look and let me know what you think. YOU will need a good internet connection and the latest flash player to view it.
don't worry if you cant see it or down load it Just let me know. Send me your email address and I will email you a copy.
this is my email. all you have to do is click anywhere on this line to email me.
This Photo Gallery is very interesting as it is an interactive were you can move through the observatory and view the paintings. it is a lot of fun when you get use to it.

On to SprayCan Art we have been all week painting in the garage as the weather has been so bad for the last 2 weeks. It has been ok I have had the chance to catch up on some back orders that I needed to finish. I had 2 SprayCan Paintings that were 3 meters by 1 1/2
meters. I was so happy to finish them. I will post them on YouTube or Metacafe. next week when I edit them. Tomorrow I have 3 normal sized SprayCan Paintings to do and we might video them and put them on 1 of our sites.

Our websites are below all you have to do is click on the and they will take you strait to the site I will also put in the web link for our new forum.


Please join our forum as I do give special bonuses to those that join. that is all for now.

Keep Happy Keep Painting
All the Best and Best Regards.

Barry Hocking.
SprayCan Art Aust.